Reflections & Resolutions: Looking Forward to 2021

As we come to the end of 2020, a year like none other and one that certainly caught all of us by surprise, we reflect on the many challenges but also the many blessings and the good in people. At The EdVenture Group we are very thankful for the medical and first responders that have protected us and our families this year. We are also very thankful for our educators. What a challenging year for education! We were thrust into a new way of teaching that none of us really had time to prepare for.

To our departments of education, county offices, school principals, classroom teachers and support staff we say thank you for your ability to pivot and adjust learning to care for students in such a difficult time.

We know and understand that it has been challenging and we appreciate your perseverance and dedication. We believe that each of you have done your very best and for that, we are so appreciative. Many challenges continue to exist, but sustained, focused, caring efforts will get us through these times.

To the families that support children and juggle so many new challenges we also want to recognize that we see you, and we thank you. Our hope is that you have been able to support each other, care for each other and enjoy this unusual gift of time with each other.

The EdVenture Group has also pivoted and been challenged to find new ways to support our clients and deliver our programs. We have weathered this year with a heart of caring and a focus on new needs that have arisen during the year. Our hope is that the work we have done has touched your life and supported you in some way. We remain a strong partner for educators and families and will continue to seek opportunities to deliver services that have a positive impact for you, your children, your students, schools and homes.

Like all of you, as we look forward to 2021 we are most hopeful that we will find a return to some type of normalcy for everyone. We remain committed to supporting and helping students, families, educators, and support partners. 2021 will be a year of hope and a time when we will look at the world a little differently. We will continue to show grace in hard times and focus on how we can assist others as we begin a new year.

Happy New Year from our team at The EdVenture Group. We look forward to working with you in 2021 and beyond.

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