Project: cMeLead

The cMeLead leadership program is designed by The EdVenture Group to build leadership skills through hands-on workshops and community engagement for middle school students. Designed to elevate and empower students to realize and maximize their full leadership potential, the development and implementation of the cMeLead leadership cohort is intended to prepare 8th grade students for the transition to high school by increasing and enhancing their leadership skills and capacity.

The program allows students to reflect on their current leadership potential and gain skills not readily practiced in a traditional classroom.  In addition to an understanding of personal leadership potential, the cMeLead program provides students with a safe, healthy, and positive environment to develop and grow personally as leaders while engaging and connecting as peers. 

areas served

  • Roane County, West Virginia


For more info contact:

Victoria TAYLOR

Program Manager

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1253 Canyon Road, Suite 7, Mailbox 3
Morgantown, WV 26508

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©2022 The EdVenture Group
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