The EdVenture Group is excited to announce Victoria Taylor’s promotion to Program Manager. Victoria is an asset to the organization’s family engagement, prevention, and leadership programs. Her efforts support the development of new programs that benefit youth, educators, and broader communities throughout Appalachia. Let’s get to know our newest Program Manager!

Q: Tell us a little bit about the work you’ve been involved with through EdVenture. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

A: Since starting with EdVenture in 2021, I have been involved in work that includes supporting schools’ efforts to enhance family engagement while serving as a Family Engagement Specialist for the West Virginia Family Engagement Center. In addition, I’ve worked to develop and implement youth leadership, prevention, and intervention programming across the state of West Virginia. An accomplishment I am most proud of is the opportunity to not only attend, but present, at the Institute for Educational Leadership and Coalition for Community Schools – 2023 National Community Schools and Family Engagement Conference in Philadelphia. It was the first national conference I had ever attended! I would also consider the relationships I have developed as one of my most significant career achievements, as they have allowed me to grow and learn so much about the wonderful individuals in West Virginia and Appalachia.

Victoria and EdV coworkers at a Family Engagement presentation

Q: You’re wrapping up your Master’s in Social Work. Tell us a little about your experience in that program and how you hope to apply it to your work at EdV.

A: My experience in the MSW program at the WVU School of Social Work has been filled with numerous learning opportunities and support, which I am grateful for. I have had the unique opportunity to complete both of my field placements at EdV, which has allowed me to apply what I have learned to my work. I plan to continue applying my MSW to my work at EdV by supporting and empowering youth, families, and communities.

Q: Let’s talk about youth leadership. Your personal growth within EdVenture and your ownership of the company’s youth leadership initiatives has been inspiring. Why is it important that we empower and support our youth?

A: I have enjoyed the opportunity to be part of EdVenture’s youth leadership initiatives as they have allowed me to expand my knowledge and grow in an area I am passionate about. It’s important we empower and support our youth to help them take on all challenges they may face, and ultimately, reach their full potential. Empowerment and support set our youth up to be successful by increasing and improving the necessary skills needed (social and behavioral skills, academic achievement, self-confidence, self-efficacy, and resiliency, to name a few) for them to become visionary leaders of tomorrow.

Victoria and Simulated Workplace Leadership Series student leaders at Calhoun Gilmer in 2022

Q: What lived experience do you bring to EdVenture’s programming? How do you relate to the work that you support within the organization?

A: Before EdV, I spent time in the realm of child advocacy and have the experience of receiving support from my grandparents, like most children in the state do. I also have younger siblings. Each of these experiences allows me to reimagine what education can be, connect and build relationships, and provide support throughout the state.

Q: What most excites you about your work with EdV? What are you looking forward to in our future?

A: At EdV we are encouraged to follow our passion areas. What excites me most is that we can dream of and create impactful programming that can be customized to fit the needs of schools and communities. I look forward to growing and creating a positive impact through EdV programming!

Q: What does a Program Manager do outside of work hours? Share a tidbit about your personal life. 

A: While wrapping up my master’s program, most of my hours outside of work are spent on course work. 

When taking time to relax/have fun I enjoy spending time with friends and family, enjoying live music, and trying new foods.

Victoria and her friends on a WVU Game Day
Victoria and her boyfriend, Linkoln, on a trip to North Carolina.

Q: What’s a favorite quote or lyric that inspires you?

A: Quotes that inspire me include

  • “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Benjamin Franklin
  • “Words are important. If you want to care for something, you call it a ‘flower’; if you want to kill something you call it a ‘weed’.” Don Coyhis

About the Author

Victoria Taylor graduated from West Virginia University in May 2021 with a B.A. in Criminology along with minors in Law and Legal Studies and Addiction Studies. She currently is attending WVU to pursue her Master’s in Social Work. 

During her undergrad, she completed internships with CASA for Kids of Monongalia and Preston Counties and the Northern District of West Virginia Drug Court Program which allowed her to explore her interests while gaining new perspectives of how she can help individuals in her home state of West Virginia. The NDWV Drug Court Program allowed her to observe and participate as a team member, expanding her knowledge of the rehabilitative program, the criminal justice system, and substance abuse culminating in a capstone project and presentation. 

Victoria currently serves as a Program Manager for The EdVenture Group’s family engagement, youth leadership, and prevention programming.