EdV’s hands-on STEM Days program expands to Summers County, West Virginia

The EdVenture Group, Inc., through generous funding from West Virginia American Water, expanded its’ STEM Days program to middle school students in Summers County, West Virginia. The STEM Days program provides hands-on experiences and learning opportunities for students to engage with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and career exploration.

“The STEM activity provided for Summers County students through The EdVenture Group and the American Water Company was a wonderful learning experience. It promoted critical thinking and teamwork, which are skills that will help our students in all future endeavors.”

Over 250 students in grades 6-8 participated in critical thinking, problem-solving, and water-focused STEM activities. Students collaborated to find solutions and practice the scientific method, engaging in STEM learning throughout the day.

As I moved around the room, I saw my students being engaged…getting them to think critically is a daily goal of mine.”

Students also explored STEM careers, with a focus on jobs available in their community. Individual and group-based activities throughout the day encouraged students to work independently on their own personal growth goals as well as promote confidence and assurance within themselves and their group.

“The STEM activity provided for the students was the type of problem-solving of which students need to have more.”

To learn more about the STEM Days program, contact Manager of Innovation, Amber Ravenscroft at [email protected]. For more information on West Virginia American Water’s impact, visit their website.

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